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you will always be loved

dear hanif,
my son where the sun shines on..
you will walk that path and cradle along the road
you will shade tears in a grey cloud and rise smiles in a sweet garden
whatever you feel, you’ll gone through

you will find some love, respect and hate
then you’ll understand what life is all about
you will doubt and run far
you will say some stupid and harsh
then you’ll finally see what faith is all about

you’ll wander in every scene
feel what you feel, do what you do
fall and run along the way
but come home you’ll find warm

when you grow enough
when you’re able to read and learn english
my dear, read this
then you’ll understand
you will always be loved

–on fb apr’09
  1. Chio_ting
    Chio_ting January 25, 2011 Reply

    I just read this, so sweet cungkring…
    so amazing being a mom right..??? I hope everything goes well for your Fam specially for Anip He’s such a nice kids yet very L.E.B.A.Y

    • ngiuphobia
      ngiuphobia January 25, 2011 Reply

      wow, thank you kiting. i hope everything goes well for you & your fam too 🙂

      hahahah, you right. he is almost 8 now and still very L.E.B.A.Y. He’s just invented a new move called “pukulan centil” with his famous “kedip2″ act hihihi. hope you’re here to see that :p

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