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Yard & Yarn’s First Yard Sale

Yard sale flyer

Other than workshop, Yard&Yarn also organizing yard sale. Similar to the workshop, yard sale in our vision includes having Sunday fun, chat and of course, nice stuff :). I know we don’t shop a lot, but  lotsa our friends does. So we asked them to join us in our first sale. More about the yard sale can be read in Yard&Yarn’s home-site.

The event was really fun! Especially coz we’re open from Car Free Day hours. There’s few items I secretly eyeing on the sale, but some of them got bought too fast! :p. Hope we can make another yard sale, even more successful :). Thank you so much for our nice friends, buyers, our food tenants & of course, our special hosts: Ifa, Ina & Dion *big hugs*

LHOR-Y&Y Yardsale (6)

Amel helping us making the sale's sign. Image from Popo Ing

Image from Popo Ing

Image from Popo Ing

LHOR-Y&Y Yardsale (2)

LHOR-Y&Y Yardsale (3)

Toys from Aldo of Zero Toys

LHOR-Y&Y Yardsale (4)

LHOR-Y&Y Yardsale (5)

LHOR-Y&Y Yardsale (11)

Our Food Tenants:

(click images to visit them)

Rockybars by Cokelatia

Mince Bakery

Cireng Cowel

Thank you everyone! We have such great Sunday 🙂


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  1. onlyndah
    onlyndah January 8, 2013 Reply

    nyeselll ga dateng ke acara ini tth :'(….kapan ada lagi nehh??

    • rena
      rena January 8, 2013 Reply

      Rencananya antara bulan ini atau bulan dpn Ndah, tungguin aja ya 🙂

  2. Julie
    Julie December 1, 2012 Reply

    Outstandingly educative cheers, I am sure your visitors would possibly want more writing similar to this maintain the wonderful work.

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