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WordPress App for iPhone: Blog Returned Invalid Data

I don’t have much time blogging on my desktop although I did use it a lot. So I consider mobile blogging essential for my activity. When Automattic released their first WordPress App for iPhone I was very exited and download it right away. Sure why not, it’s totally free anyway :). It even comes in more handy when Automattic announced they also pampering user to manage their blog from this app, superb!

The app working good with both my installation, so I don’t have any complaint. Same thing goes with my Library which is on Setting is easy too, I just need to register another account in, same account  that is required for Jetpack plugin. Once the account is set, all blog under that account will be available in WordPress App. Problem comes when this Blog won’t show in the app. I mean, my self-hosted blog. It generally say “Blog returned invalid data” over and over. Too frustrating! Luckily some small efforts do the magic for me…I follow Jaycee1981 instruction here, which tell me to do exactly this:

Okay, works for me too. I did the following:

– Save a copy of your wp-config php file.

– open it with notepad ++

– There’s Format menu tab (Or coding) Choose Encode in Ansi. Then go to format again and select UTF8

Save your file and upload to your server.

That’s all

Just one thing, I don’t fancy this download-upload regime hehe. So I simply login to my cPanel, open my blog’s wp-config.php with code editor. Change it’s encode to ansii (whichever ansii), then simply change encode back to utf-8. Click save (not necessarily needed but giving me this secure feeling so I did it anyway :p). Back to WordPress App & surprise surprise! It does works!! I even check it thrice because I can’t believe my eyes, for nearly 5 months since I installed the app it finally works! Wonder why didn’t I try this earlier :p

Actually I get lucky, not every “Blog returned invalid data” problem get fix by this. Some even need to contact their hosting to keep xml-rpc enable and so.  Hope them good luck! Thanks for the help, mr. google & jaycee1981 😀

*btw, if you don’t mind spending some dollars for an app..I think Poster App works well too. Can’t wait to try it myself 🙂