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why english?

I’ve been asked over and over about this. Why do I write in English? It’s not like I’m holding a 650 on TOEFL or expert, but I just kinda feel like writing in English. Get to express myself better and able to write in mostly polite language. Believe it or not, I still get confuse of what am I supposed to call myself. Aku? Gw? Gue? Saya? It’s simpler just to write down an “I” .. hehe

To be honest, it took me days to only decide what language I’m gonna use. And when I finally write down my first review, I ‘ve decided to use both language, depend on the moods.  But up ’till now, it looks like I haven’t write any single Indonesian post, right? I really am comfortable in English ^^;

So sorry then, but I kinda mixed this two language up on my tumblr. Please visit and have a peek 🙂

.thank you guys.