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where the wild things are

First of all, I never knew there was a child story this good. “Where The Wild Things Are” based on a picture story book by Maurice Sendak. It’s about a child named Max, who’s lonely and feels whole world are avoiding him. He is however become less or more a rebel in his family. Where his sister Claire and his distraught mother are busy doing their own businesses. One day his mom bring her boyfriend home and that is when Max got outta control, end with a massive biting incident cause his mom to ground him and tell him to sleep without dinner.

In his room, a mysterious, wild forest and sea grows out of his imagination, and Max sails to the land of the Wild Things. The Wild Things are fearsome-looking monsters, and Soon later Max find himself trapped among the wild things, can’t seize to eat Max alive! But Max conquers them by “by staring into all their yellow eyes without blinking once”, and he make up a story about he being a king who can bring harmony to their wretched life. So he is made “the king of all wild things”. When the wild things ask Max what his first order is, Max can only come up with one idea: A Wild Rumpus! And that’s exactly what he says!

Back to the movie, director Spike Jonze made a lil’ improvement in the story where Max went over a pond and sailed on a boat he found before he then arrived in an island full of wild things instead of imagine them  living inside his  drawer__. There he meet Carol, the most impulsive and charismatic of the wild things; Douglas the peace-maker bird, Judith who’s a self-oriented and aggressive and his pushover boyfriend Ira; Alexander, a goat-like wild thing who is constantly ignored, belittled, and mistreated; Bernard, a quiet and intimidating beast who mostly keep to himself; and K.W the nice loner whose constant departures irritate Carol greatly as he wants all of them to stay together. Then there are also Bob and Terry, two K.W’s best owl friends. I think they represent the basic human’s character, don’t they? That’s why the tagging says “There’s One in All of Us”.

The story then goes along when amongst the wild things, Max learn how to deal with his own feelings, care for others and learn to be human, once again. In the end, Max come clean and say he is indeed not a king, but just a child. And he is indeed scare and lonely too. He feels homesick and misses his family so bad, he decided to come back home, where then he find his mom is waiting for him on the dinner table with his meal, still Hot!

Personally I think this story is more than just good. It tells us more about loneliness; teach us to face our own problem and growing up. As for Max, he knows that like the sun, one day his energy will run out and he’ll fade away. These are difficult thoughts for a young boy who already has the dilemmas of his age to deal with. Many people learn to cope with life’s troubles in their own way, and Max does so by becoming a wild thing.

It was a long story before this magnificent journey turns into a cinema fantasy. From its book back in 1963, to a short animated film directed by Gene Deitch at Krátký Film, Prague for Weston Woods Studio in 1973, the story has landed briefly at Disney Studio where they made an animated feature that would have blended traditionally animated characters with computer-generated settings. In 2001, Universal Studio acquired rights to the book’s adaptation and initially attempted to develop a computer-animated adaptation before then change their view into a live-action concept directed by Spike Jonze in 2003. The film then co-produced by Tom hanks of the Playtone. And so it was, making its way to our screen after a long journey at approximately October 16, 2009 in the United State.

Main actor, Max Record (Max) is among Warner Brother’s submissions for Academy Award’s Best Actor nominations. No wonder as he plays brilliantly in the movie. Yup, this vegetarian by choice is definitely a shiny actor to be!

What other reason do we have to ignore this learnsome experience? While it’s gaining 7.7/10 review-point from imdb, I think this movie is really worth watching. Whatever ages your on 🙂

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