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When We Talk About Dreams

One day, we sat on our modest chair talking about dreams & the future..
He put his phone down and said if things go well financially, he would wanna travel around the globe. Seeing new things, meeting new people.
I said I don’t really like his way of traveling for the uncertainty it gave me..the insecurity, the thought of leaving our child at home. Then he asked me (for the first time) what was my dream. I said, I just wanna have a home at a small village somewhere in Europe, where fairy seems real..writing whatever I want while having my fresh chocomilk. A blanket & a fireplace. Sometimes morning fog pass through the window, and sometimes roses blooms on our garden. He grinned.
Those are those…huge differences between us. He always figured the best way to do things is by going with the flow, whatever will be..will be. Que sera sera they said. While i’m more of the thinker between us. Always in need of certainty, looking for a sketch or hints on the road ahead of us…I want to be secure. He wants to be free.
Strange thing is, these differences works really well for us. I never know if he ever burdened by my plans but I do know he doesn’t mind going home everyday no matter how far he had spread those wings. 
So that day after the talk. We finally agreed at one thing. If everything goes well financially, we would send our child to school aboard & have our dreams fulfilled. When a year has passed, we will reunite as whole family. Nothing will change, just the way we value our family that’ll go higher. That’s our dream..