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when communication lays on a single buzz

Nowadays, people….

Just merely nowadays, seems like we no longer need extra steps only to stay in touch with our nakamas (Japan for “best-friends”). everything has already provided in front of us in this computer world, not even a step away. Just hit on that ‘buzz’ button and your friends know you’re looking for them. No matter how easy, don’t you think it’s kinda missing something?

Just like everything in life, they hold two possible sides. For young woman like me who’s busy enuff to hang with lovely friends, it’s a big help. To know their whereabouts or just simply share a news is incredible. Even a single buzz will tell you they still care or at least keep you in mind. Dancing in a keyboard can now means dancing with your friends too. Many famous messenger service now upgrading their features to let you update all your social networking activity in one single account. named few like yahoo!, google, msn, etc. There’s even BBM (Blackberry Messenger) and their wannabe now to let you chat 24hrs a day wherever, whenever. Those are just few examples. Don’t let me even start with all that social network bucket ^^…Whatever they did, along with those social networks galore, brought us the world in simplicity. directly to our home. fun? ya. easy? hell yes! practical? of course… Again, feels like something has gone a bit wrong. but what is it? Well I say, in this networld we used to get easy and practical. Being simple here means efficient. So that happen in our relations too. Sometimes, we get busy chatting but what is exactly we’re talking about? ever wonder how Y!M brought you the fun of communicating? In my opinion, the fact that Y!M provided you the easiness of going “unseen” or “unreal” is awesome. The way you don’t have to be asshame or just simply holding a “manner” in maintaining a relationship made you addicted (aside than their ability to chat “whenever, wherever” of course). This features getting us closer to friends and relations. But have you ever thought that it perhaps make us a little bit ignorant too? in term of maintaining our Eastern manner and habitual “basa-basi” thing? We get too easy in telling what we want, no longer care about being polite (not always, but sometimes yes), and get used to say anything in the slightest words as possible. Do you ever type “laughing out loud” with “LOL”?  “I’ll see you” with “c u”? That’s just few examples. On one side, it’s good in making us closer with friends. Other side, owh I just missed that “Hello, how are you doing? how’s your husband” kinda thing…

Call me conservative, but I think it’s a legacy to our children. Being raised in a completely instant world ain’t all that good. Getting used to come to friend’s house and say “Excuse me, is ToTo home?” for example, is better than just simply buzz him and ask him to go out. Or how does it happens when a girl is missing with his “unknown” boyfriend since they only chat in the net? I can’t even be more sceptical than seeing a couple of teens having a relationship that suddenly goes wrong and their parents know nothing but the fact that their children, all of a sudden, being dead. Scary I said…

So what to do? Well one thing for sure. I don’t and will never, ever, banned those social networking activities from my life. I lived with that and I’m happy doing so. What I can do is being wiser. Try to be more “alive,” more like “being”. Try to let my child more attached to his parents and try to make him love us thus wanna share everything with us. I dunno, just be wiser and try to grow in this network euphoria…

Again, this is only my immature opinion over thing I get interest in right now ^.*

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