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“virginity guard” on terselubung dot blogspot

i just love reading, and i take a peek on what people writes. so there’s few blog i bookmarked and visit regularly. this Terselubung blog is one of them. what i love the most is that this blog provide unique and fun-to-know things all around the world. as it is only gathered from another sources, the owner never did wrote anything down based on his/her own  point-of-view. nevertheless, it’s a darn nice blog to follow.

today i visit them again. just wondering what news i’ve been missing this two days. then voila! here it is, something so stunning i even lose my words on describing it! the picture is so simple yet unbelievably annoying. it is as it says, a ‘virginity guard’. ha? seriously?? i can’t  even imagine myself in that! and how does it work? well they never say how, but as we see the picture i think we may figure it out just as easy. it was meant to used as an underwear. it has a ‘lock’ on it, a single metal rounded -what-is-that?- in the bottom..i wonder how it really able to keep us ‘virgin’ LOL .. so guys, this is what i call “too-much” 😀

see more at terselubung

  1. ngiuphobia
    ngiuphobia November 24, 2009 Reply

    i agree! and i’m happy to share it with you 🙂

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    forex_account_ November 24, 2009 Reply

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