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Vintage Frame for Dhecil

My my…how guilty I am for leaving this one behind :p

Dhecil is my best friend, and she’s getting married last January. Months before, she made it clear that four of us should come no matter what. So we planned things ahead. But only after few days before her wed, she asked me to designed a frame for her wedding souvenir…Wha??!

Turns out this souvenir will only be handed to her closest friends so I need not worry about the production deadline *pheew*. She had previously adore my owl wood-pendant so she asked for similar frame. Luckily I did full vector on that frame so all I gotta do was adjust it’s size & add initials to the bottom. I actually suggest black acrylic since it’s gonna look more elegance & vivid for the design..but the bride wanted white frame instead. Dear, who am I to mishap the bride ;p. Nonetheless, the frame came out as magical as the black would be :). Finally, the last touch should be gold filler into their initials..too bad there’s not enough time to do that. Next time, we’ll do better for you Dhecil T^T

I really really hope she likes it (she did said so btw). But nothing happier than to see her in her red/gold wedding attire standing by the side of a man who truly loves her. Congratulation darl, wish you blissful marriage & wonderful children..we’ll always be walking by your side. Once you look at us, you’ll realize you’ll never be too old to hang about šŸ™‚


Btw, the picture wasn’t actually there. I shopped it from her wedding gift..a sketch by Ing of the babybirds. Thank you Ing šŸ™‚

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