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Valentine, Jazzy Valentine

As I mentioned before, Papadino was asking me to a Jazzy Valentine Dinner at Aston Braga Hotel for Valentine’s day. This would be our first formal Valentine dinner after marriage. I’m so exited! He said it is to celebrate our ten years of marriage as well. Woow, is it really that long? I can still remember how he touch my shoulder for the first time and ask my name in funny face. That skater boy who always tease me has now becoming my 10th year husband! I even sometimes forget that we are husband & almost feels like we’re still dating…forever :p.

Anyway, my excitement towards this special dinner stops at wardrobe point. I can’t figure what to wear haha…..By the time I’m ready, we’re already 10 minutes before the event start. Meaning we will be darn late…ah well, old habit die hard isn’t it? By the time we get there, we’re almost an hour late. Luckily the event just started and we were delivered to our table, just few tables away from the stage. Owh, I almost forget…before entering the venue, we were asked to fill guest book and do photo-shoot right at the entrance. I like it so much because it’s been a while since me & Papadino get a chance to take our photo together in such a romantic way 🙂

photo from Jazzuality

Romantic Jazz Dinner was organized by Jazzuality and Aston Braga. The dinner includes special performance from Bandung-based jazz lady with her group, Imelda Rosalin Trio. Consisting of Imelda Rosalin on piano and vocals and two of her favorite team mates Rudy Zulkarnaen (upright bass) and Arifandi Renaldi (drums). Since “Today’s Hits” is our current theme, they too bringing out melodies from artists such as Bruno Mars, John Legend and so on. Although I’m more of a classical Jazz fans…I lo~~ve their performance so much! Her voice is enchanting wile her personality on stage makes me wanna watch her on and on.

photo from Jazzuality

The cuisine was great, we both have Tenderloins and I’m getting chocolate for dessert. Too bad I’m on a choco-diet at the time so Papadino gets to eat ’em all. Lucky dude! ..and that is not the only time he’s being lucky. While we’re having our appetizer, both MCs pointing at him to join in couple games where Papadino get a merchandise as result. Theeeen after that, he also win runner-up door-prize! Hence, we get home not only with full stomach, full of love but also full of prize. We still have that dinner voucher at Aston Braga at home, waiting to be spend 🙂

Valentine - Romantic Jazz Dinner - LHOR (1)

To me, this is one beautiful evening. Usually I just prepared some candle light dinner at home or have casual valentine dinner at some cafe we love. This time, we enlisted ourselves to a formal valentine event..moreover, its a surprise from Papadino. Thank you so much, chubs. Happy valentine!

Happy valentine too for Endy & Vierna, our lovely friends from Jazzuality. Full review of the event can be read on their page. Ah, and please please please send me our entrance-shoot photo please~ ;P