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tumblr theme

Its been a while since i updated my tumblr account. i know….i’ve been really lazy ^^

Lately i’m thinking about getting more fun by simply adding what i find and like in the net. a lil’ change won’t hurt, aite? i used to make it more personal and all but i guess i wanna take it easy and go a little reckless. Anyhow, i still love love love vintage stuff so i spent much time looking for the right theme for my page. Yes, i’m getting bored with my Cargo-themed tumblr page, it’s been a while since i’m doing more blog-like theme. On the past day, i usually just picked a theme that fits my mood, and play with its css a bit to finally had the theme i want. Now since i’m too lazy to ruffle those beautifully-made themes,  i just try to find something that really clicks my appetite.  So there on my journey i found this clean, simple, vintage-looking theme called Monroe. The girl who made it, an early 20s Indonesian named Rittsu, can be find at her own page -which name i love so much- Moronic Beauty, seem to have adored some vintage beauty such as Marylin Monroe, Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn, so she named all her themes following those three. My favorite of three is of course Monroe, tho’ i also had a crush on Bardot, a simple minimalistic theme.  She did a really good job 🙂

I think i’m going to stick to Monroe for quite a long time…. *smileyface*

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