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this june and you

Heidi ho, June! Its always a pleasure seeing you, good things happened on June 🙂

I remembered first time I really had a second thought on you. It was June 2002, when he told me it was his birthday month. Oh no, its not like I didn’t do my research on him before…I mean, seriously, who could possibly missed her biggest crush’s birthdate? It’s just he’s so childish he just had to fake his own bday :p Until he finally told me the truth, I thought he was celebrating it on October. Silly.

Anyhow, the June(s) I walked through with him was always fun. Nothing’s flat (just like Chi***o?? ehehe). That 2002, we spent the day exchanging outfit, ya know…when the woman dress like the man vice-versa? Well we did it. and guess who looks cuter in overall dress? he does :p. 2003, it was crazy. I learn how to bake a nice cheesecake with extra cheese on it. it was a mess, but the cake looks delicate. Then as our tradition goes, we spend the nite seafood-partying. That would be our last seafood-party-birthday together since in 2004 there is this young explorer involved. So I got us having candlelight dinner at home.

Didn’t turn out that good because he fell asleep rite after his meal gyahaha. 2005, he had this dino things up. been busy doing this and that. 2006, well we spend the day at home doing nothing. just watch few dvd’s with no money & nowhere to go. one nice day nonetheless. 2007-2009 will be 4 long pages post to mention :p. But I just had to mention 2010 since I was having my postgraduate trial on that exact day. And he was waiting for me inside the car at UNPAD parking lot for 5hours with anipchan. When they announced my graduation, it was the best bday present i ever gave after his long journey accompanying me through my heaviest times in study.

But all those things I did for him was nothing compared to what he continuously done for me. The way he would say I cook chef-like when all I did was throwing all that ingredients into the pot (sometimes I dont even know what I wanted to cook :p). The way he would pack my things and take ’em to my mom when I suddenly decide to sleepover her place, while I could just go back home & pack ’em myself. The way he would teach the maid how to maintain our house or handling over my speech-duty since I wasnt very good with talking things…

The way he would keep saying I have talent in me or saying I have bunch of friends who care when all I feel was all alone & unable to do anything. The way he thinks I am the best wife while I dont even cook everyday (he must have his own definition of ‘wife’ hehe). He would cook me the best scramble-eggs in the world, be my shield when we cross the street & stay beside me until his foot transform into badass ogre when I got sick. And seriously…what’s cuter than a hubby who would drive you to your office & leave the car there while he ride back home on public transportation? Only so I can have my breakfast on the way, use the car on my lunch hour & go back home safe. Dear hub, that’s you.

So in 2011, I feel like there’s nothing I can do better than what you have done for me all the way. Nothing than to remind you of how wonderful you are to me. to us three. You are irreplaceable. Happy June Birthday, my sk8erboi, my artist, my spokeperson, my inspiration…

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