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the trees & the wild

Alright, time to reboot my mood! Hello everyone, it’s been a while isn’t it? Yea I just got a lil’ busy lately (another excuse for my laziness hehe :p) Anyway, I was meant to write about this new ears-pleasure weeks ago when I accidentally catch their voice around Unpar’s Architecture Save Us event (where I saw many many great performances within. Sadly had no pic/vid of ’em, so I can hardly tell you ^^’) .

They’re voices within the wilderness. Something smooth, a bit of thrill and lots of free ambiances. There are three of them (Andra B. Kurniawan, Iga Massardi, Remedy Waloni) on the paper, more on the stage. They hardly sing, but strongly pin your ears with melodies, nuances and great performances. I can still remember the way they played their guitars, basses and even the way they simply whisper. Easy yet deep. And I haven’t felt like that long after Cozy Street Corner (where are they now? T^T)

Who are ‘they’? Yup, people. Clap your hands for The Trees And The Wild! And blame me for knowing them this late :p. The Trees & The Wild is a local band from Jakarta, Indonesia with a glimpse of acoustic folk harmony that surely invites you to their own world of wilderness. Seriously, each of their crafting harmonies gives you a strong feeling of being in between the trees & the wild. Which I love the most is also the way Remedy the vocalist sing their songs in an easy, sometimes humbling, kind of telling a story-like singing. And they pin a lil’ surprises in each songs. Just when you think you get used to the melodies, they give you something else. I don’t really understand music but in my tune-deaf ears, they’re great :). My fave is called “Our Roots” which I think is also everyone’s fave. Love the way they put a wave into their song. Other songs are great too. I’m looking forward to buy their debut album, “Rasuk”. Been looking for it @ Disctarra Dago but couldn’t find it. Just not my luck I guess, but I won’t give up! Not until I can play “Our Roots” on my way on the road at night with a cup of Macchiato Caramel πŸ˜€

Owh just found a nice fact that the term “The Trees & The Wild” was originally taken from a song title by Matt PA, a talented singer/songwriter (fr. deathrockstar), and I agree that their song does representing its name pretty well. Below are some of their existence inside the web. Find more by listening to their demo songs attached πŸ™‚

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