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the tokyo gas commercial (compilation of bento mails)

A very nice commercial from gas company in Japan…Here’s the story:

Every day a mother prepares BENTO containing a message for her high-school son. If he obtained bad grades in a test, she would include a message that said “Try harder!” by making TONKATSU BENTO (because in Japan “win” is pronounced as “katsu”); when she saw him walking with his girlfriend, she would make a BENTO with a heart in it; but finally came the day for his last BENTO.
The last BENTO was the same as the very first BENTO that she made. As she was about to wash the dishes, she opened the BENTO box and a note from her son came out that said “Sorry for not being able to say thank you until now.”

Hmm, very emotional! Because in Japan, as you know, mothers’ handmade BENTO have a nostalgic image.


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