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The Show Must not Go

He contacted me once, asking me to come see the new opera right at the corner of the street.

“I notice you have a good taste of art, mademoiselle. Your presence will be highly appreciated.”
“Merci, monsieur. But I don’t have proper eyes for art. I think you have mistaken me..”
“Why not? Even if you’re not, your beauty alone will be of a good present to anyone attending the opening.” He smiles
“Sir, I..”
“You can do the magic trick you show me earlier.”
“Ow..I don’t do magic, Sir. It’s simply a trick I learnt at school. It mostly do to break an ice of a meeting…to a kid, Sir.”
“Hahaha…that is not magic I see. But how you attracted me with a kid show..that’s the real magic.” He took my hand in gentle moves “I’m sure you will steal their heart too..”
I am shaking a bit but he then point my finger into far east.
“There will be your next stage, mademoiselle. You will shine brighter than any star you’ve seen.” He continued “Broadway.”

And that is how I got here.

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