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The Girl Who Lives on The Other Side of The Earth

There was once a girl who lives on the other side of the earth
She bore no shadow, for the sun refuse to walk her aisle
Yet she bore no sorrow, for she knows not of better way

One day, she saw a path…of where her kin pay visit sometimes
One time, fear was upon her. Other time, curiosity won
When she set her journey through the path
She knows it will not be her last

The path was leading to a tunnel
For the girl who lives on the other side of the earth
It was a trip no harder than the other

She is a girl of no shadow, who came to the land of lights
At first, she thought she will be blind
For the sparks, she never prepared to see
For colors, she never knew existed

“It is divine,” she thought once she gets used to the lights
Then every now and then, she comes to visit the other side
Where light is cheap, where laugh is sweet

After a while, something grew in her heart
Something she never knew will consume
The love she bears for the light, for the place she never belong
Every day she is bound to the path she long

She falls deeper each day,
Misses the warmth stolen from the light
As if she wasn’t born in the dark
She began to stay longer than she should
Until she finally shut her heart
From the place where she once belong

Where she always feels alive
Where she was once thrive

So much so that her body turns to fade
As if it is burnt with all it might
Like darkness fade among the sun
Like shadow subside between twilight

Her love made her stay, her longing made her blind
Blind of the pain, ignorance of the feign

By the end, her eyes glowing once
As though she remembers
Of her days on the other side, the comfort of the dark
Her arms reaching up from her deathbed

As life perish before her
She remembers…

The dark wasn’t all that bad
Even stars hold the darkness tight
For it is where they shine the bright

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