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The First Snow

There is this guy
Standing by the street
He looks at the coffee shop
Wishes to be there by the side of a lover

He looks at near the house
He thought it would be nice
Sitting by the fire

He watch people talk behind the window
Wishes to scream his mind to a decent one

People are surrounding him
Walking through his eyes and bones
He watch them passing by
He let the noise keeps him warm

He held his hand, grabbing a watch
It’s already midnight and the snow will fall
Nothing change.
He stood still. Watching people gone
One by one

The streets are crowded from passer-by
His mind forgetting the rest
All the noise, all the crowd, all the people
Snow is falling

He recall the day
When tears are falling
From both of their eyes
He tells her to stop
She wont come back
She brought him with her
She never come back

He is cold. His tears falling.
His mind is empty
Frozen by the silence
And the snow

She said the house is gone
She asked to meet here
Taking him with her
Watch his smile one more time
One very last time
He promised to come

He is getting nowhere
He wont get elsewhere
He froze by the sidewalk
Waiting for someone to care
He stood still. Lonely and sad.

Surrounded by the crowd
with an empty mind.
His mouth open once
The first and the last.
He said…”goodbye”