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the 60’s pancake

Anip-chan love pancake so much! he enjoy it with any dressings or even none, mostly with honey or sugar. I kinda admit that i rarely made one, but once i do, i made a bunch :pThen i realized, if he likes it that much, why don’t ask him to enjoy the fun and make it all together? he just went crazily agree, yay!! Jya off we play….start from anip-chan begging on papadino to buy the ingredients, preparing time, mixes all flour and sandly things, up till the pan-ing joy finished with sillyful dressing’s moment. messy, playful yet incredibly fun! ^0^

Funny when he gets to wait while i pan all the batter up. As he keeps begging me to allow him eat not-yet-dress pancake, he dip his finger constantly inside the batter just to fill his hunger. But who knows he did survive till the last cake done cooked! Way to go, boy 🙂

Yea anyway, it is a very easy to make 60’s style pancake. why 60’s? well it’s a very classic breakfast menu and I guess everybody ever since 60’s have tried making one. Besides, i was only making a full vintage dressing’s pancake with ice cream and chocolate sands. still the best! (sorry, no honey today anip dearie :p)

Anyway, this is the recipe. and though it says the best is to use a baking powder, i couldn’t found any so i made mine without it this time. Different? only that the baking powdery one’s more fluffy than the current one…too bad 🙁

Owh and i’m using Indonesian style of measurement, so don’t bother looking for Cup-sized recipe *tee-hee* but if any of you need one, you can always ask me 🙂

My 60’s Pancake

200gr plain flour
300ml milk
50g confectioners sugar
2 tspbaking powder
2 eggs
60g melted butter
pinch of salt and vanilli


200gr tepung terigu
300ml susu cair
50g gula halus
2 tspbaking powder
2 butir telur
60g mentega, cairkan
Sedikit garam dan vanilli

* First, sift together the plain flour, baking powder, salt, vanilli and sugar in a large bowl.

* Then mix the eggs, butter and milk in a small bowl. Once it combine, pour bit by bit to the dry ingredients.

* Mix well until the batter is well combined. you can also leave it in room-temperature for about 20 minutes to get it fluffier.

* In a frying pan, melt a little butter just to get it oily. Set the fire to medium, and start pouring a little of the pancake batter. Better do it in a small frying pan or pouring 2-3 round-shape batter into a big pan. Just make sure they won’t get attached to each other while cooked.

* As the cake is cook, there will be small bubbles appear. Just when the bubbles stop pop-ing, it’s time to do some flip-flop. Cook the other side for about a minute until its golden.

* Put the pancake on a plate and start dressing it the way you like. you can even put some lemon juice on top to make it fresher ^o^


* Pertama-tama, campurkan tepung terigu, baking powder, garam, vanilli dan gula dalam wadah besar, sisihkan

* Kemudian aduk telur, susu, dan mentega dalam mangkok terpisah. Setelah semua bahan tercampur rata, tuangkan campuran susu kedalam adonan kering sedikit demi sedikit sambil diaduk hingga rata dan tepung sudah tidak menggumpal lagi

* Supaya adonan lebih mengembang saat dimasak, diamkan adonan dalam temperatur ruangan selama kurang lebih 20 menit sebelum dimasak

* Lelehkan sedikit mentega dlam wajan, hanya untuk meminyaki. Lalu tuang adonan sedikit demi sedikit. Saya sendiri lebih suka pakai wajan kecil dan masak satu-satu, tapi boleh juga masak 2-3 pancake sekaligus dalam wajan besar

* Pada saat dimasak, diatas adonan akan muncul gelembung-gelembung kecil. Jika gelembungnya sudah mulai sedikit, balik adonan dan masak selama satu menit sampai warnanya keemasan

* Taruh pancake diatas piring dan tuang dressing favorit. Untuk pancake gaya 60an saya lebih suka pakai maple syrup asli atau madu. Tapi boleh juga ditambah perasan jeruk lemon yang bikin lebih segar..mmm..yummy ^o^

✿ ✿ ✿

Btw this time i also make a thinner pancake to fill with my favorite dressing, coffee =p~
so i just tip a coffee taste dressings and roll the pancake then sliced it diagonally. you can even put other dressings on top of the cake. this crepes like pancake is soo delicious 🙂

I promise you i will post more pics when i make one with baking powder, just to view the different

We Just ♥ Pancake!