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Senemu 2.0

Senemu is a coffeeshop based in Dago, Bandung. After 2 years opening their coffee, tea, and toast specialties shop, they finally expand to a new place. Then to mark the occasion, they also opening a new website which hopefully will put a summary on everything happening inside the shop. From day to day brewery, to a weekly writing rendevouz, to bi-weekly talkshow & workshops. The shop has not only becoming…

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read it once, then read it again

Heiya there! So exited to find a new reading pleasure! Woops, i mean eyepleasure coz it sure provide lots and lots of alluring review & yummy pics. Guessed already? Wait until you visit his blogshare. Owh yes, i wanna stay there fo’evah (^ะท^)-โ˜† What? No~ there wont be any url rite now. Will feature it in my second net-worthy websites later. Whoaa~ cant wait! ๐Ÿ˜€

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daily fun sites

Konnichiwa, Monday! I’ve been pulling myself away from the net quite often, no..i’m not happy with it. So i’m basically trying to put myself back on the track now. But there’s another story so let’s save it for later ๐Ÿ™‚ What I wanna share now is my net-ing habit…Never realize I had this one pattern each time I’m connecting the net. My fingers just automatically type this addresses as if…

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