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tv eye toy launching exhibition

Indieguerillas is a made dream of Otom & Santi from Yogyakarta. Started their whole fantastic journey on 1999, their latest stop is the breeze atmosphere of Bandung, where urban got its own definition. Joining the toyworld since “Indiegeno” back in 2005, now they presents their newest & unique “TV EYE”. A toy with unlimited visionary which collide your everyday living. Seriously, a combination between the magical box & forks…its a conceptual toy moving miles from any customs out there. And on their launching exhibition last Saturday, May 7th 2011 in Lou Belle, a number of 26 fellow artists (which they prefer to call ‘gerilyawan’) prove the unlimitation of TV EYE.

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goji the dino launching party report

Hola guys! took me while to make this post, and i cant even make it crispier..again blame it on the job :p So this time i’m just gonna pretend to be the bad girl and steal two of Goji’s launching party footage videos by @eric_noah & @Loubelleshop . Nothing tells better than direct visual, no? And they did such an awe job. Thank you so much *cheers 🙂 video by

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