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Venus to Mars

I’m currently writing several books on my spare-time. Two compilation books about love, consist of short-rhymes and whatnot. One fiction book, another one semi-fiction, and some children story-books waiting to be illustrated. So many things to do! I am excited yet afraid I will not make it in time. Anyway, this one is a short writing I illustrated from my “Letters to Mars” compilation. A book of compiled letters to…

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Life of Pi

 – ★★★★★ I remember buying the book as soon as I read its back-cover synopsis. Not that it trigger sky-high curiosity but for the depth of the story. To me, Life of Pi is a light-read…judging from how many pages it has. But after reading it for a while, I figured page by page adding more meaning to my life. Really? that awesome?? Honestly…yes 🙂 Life of Pi is not just a…

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where the wild things are

First of all, I never knew there was a child story this good. Where the wild things are based on a picture story book by Maurice Sendak. It’s about a child named Max, who’s lonely and feels whole world are avoiding him. He is however become less or more a rebel in his family. Where his sister Claire and his distraught mother are busy doing their own businesses. One day his mom bring her boyfriend home and that is when Max got outta control, end with a massive biting incident cause his mom to ground him and tell him to sleep without dinner.

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