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Stealing time for myself

This is not gonna be one meaningful post, but I do feel I need to write it. I’ve been away for quite a long time, and I’m not proud of it. I don’t even have any good reason why I didn’t write anything lately.
I’m just drowning myself so deep into household activities. Not doing any job, I even postponed some of my supposed-to-release-this-January projects. But everything I do didn’t feel like wasting time. I kinda enjoy being free from every burden I obliged myself into. Somehow. But not satisfied too. By the end of the week I find myself drowning in another mess..yes, my postponed duties.
So I think I’ll be very busy weeks ahead. One thing for sure, during my hiatus I get to read two books, watch three movies, cook countless meals, exercise, taking better care of my son, and draw some. Does it worth it? Yes it so many ways.
I like writing, but I can’t seem to find my way back to my old writing path. Not that I don’t like the way I write now, but it used to be fun, more passionate and enjoyable. I don’t know..perhaps learning too much, knowing techniques or maybe write too many things you’re not really into makes it harder.
Ah well, what am I babbling about? Adieu..I hope I’ll write something nice soon 🙂