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First Urban Jedi Meeting

Today anipchan’s attending his first Star Wars Gathering. They are Urban Jedi Bandung. They practice Lightsaber art every Wednesday from 6 PM to late at night at Saparua.  Woo he is so exited, since a week before the meeting he’s already telling everyone we knows about it. He even practice his Lightsaber moves this afternoon. Eating lunch twice as much as usual & taking a nap without his usual hesitation. So spirited yes :p

Anyway, papadino wake him up at 5.40 and he just rush to bath, wearing his best sweater, grabbing his Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber and wooosh…hit the car.
I dunno what exactly happen there but papadino give me a lil summary. He said they both having a good time. Papadino friends, Aldo who owns a toy museum in Bandung taught anipchan some Jedi moves. & anipchan got to chat alot with another Star Wars kids. He love it so much!
One great night for anipchan. I’m sure he cannot wait for another gath 🙂

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