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Slightly Lighter Action for Photoshop

Hello Library! This time I’m going to add something you’re not normally have :p

Seriously..I don’t do much photography, not even when I establish a blog. Which chubs says better looking photo will def make my blog looks nicer. True..but surely cost a lot of work. Especially since the only thing closer to camera I do possessed is my phone. Anyway, I give it a shoot…using Photoshop!

Normally I only make few adjustment to photos I took. Not because I don’t want to make it nicer but camera-phone has its limitation too. Besides, I was never too good with filters. There’s no way I can tell which is good for what photo. So…I will only brighten it up a bit, making saturation adjustment here and there, and done! That’s it.

Since the process is very simple and will fit to most photos, I figured that I better turn it into action. That will def make things a lot easier! This action is a good base for photo-editing. Take a snap, bright it up with this action, then add more adjustment the way you like. So this action def not a stand-alone, but just a start. I called this new kid “Slightly Lighter” because that is exactly what it do. Hope you find it useful too šŸ™‚


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