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Siska Knoch Blog

Project Date: ETA October 2015

It was one hot-dry day in Bandung when Chika text me asking if I can pimp her blog (I like the way she calls it: Pimp her blog!). It was almost Ramadhan so I said I can’t promise to finish it as soon, but she said it’s okay. So there goes my next web project! is Siska Knoch (Chika) personal blog. A mom living in Jakarta with her two little boys and hubby Daddyluv. She is also part of The Urban Mama family. Chika stash her blog with her stories, MPASI recipes, her make-up journey and my favourite…her children’s activities. She is so~ creative! Pimping up her blog is the most exiting code juggling I’ve done since she gave me 100% liberty of how her blog should look. She only hand me like two blog samples and bunch of categories she want to be featured in her blog.

Her blog title is Mom in Pink, so I incorporated the colour into her blog accent with white background for a clean touch. I also illustrated the header logo and categories section. I want the blog to look the way Chika look: pretty and fun. Because what is a blog without the owner’s look, right? Btw, this is also my first time customizing blogger template, so I get a little puzzled at the beginning but it turns out good! When I show it to Chika, she said she’s happy with the result which makes me even happier! Thanks much for letting me be part of your blogging journey, Chika. Can’t wait to read more of your posts. You can read it too & get inspired here