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she & him


so i was listened to this gorgeous girl, Zooey Deschanel sweet smokey voice at Yes Man movie and just utterly fallin. then i heard she’s collaborating M. Ward on a band. no need to compromise, i gotta find it! and yesterday i finally had my hands on them. She & Him is more like a teacup in the morning to me. delightful, sweet, swingy and warm though in some songs you may also find them a bit mellow, but that’s the catch. they fond for 60’s and were touched by famous Les Paul and Mary Ford, Nina Simone, Emmyloud Harris, Beach Boys, etc. She & Him is actually vintage in  harmony. and i must say, vintage means timeless.

their first album bear a simple name, just like the band’s name. She is Zooey & him is Ward and they made Volume One. out of 12 fascinating songs in Volume 1, i keep my ears on this three :  i thought i saw your face today ; take it back ; you really gotta hold on me

all three tells nice love story. about losing and highly in love.  while, “you really gotta hold on me” twisting a story about being madly deeply in love, “take it back” wanna push one fake love away. both sang in vintage folk style, minor instrument highly promote Zooey’s smokey voice. both sounds a bit mellow but also sweet at the same time. Out of the three,  listening to “i thought i saw your face today” is what i call having a cup of tea in one rainy morning. hearing a song that sweetly imply about facing a lost love memory with a view as lovely as flowers and grass….i couldn’t help but fallin love again 🙂

another track like “i was made for you” and “sweet darlin” boldly taught you to swing back to 60’s. my other favorite such as “sentimental heart” and “why do you let me stay here” had an indiepop taste along with “this is not a test”. and “change is hard” so much as “blackhole” does really beat me hard in lyrics. in the end, i love them all…

Zooey D & M Ward

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