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Shattered Dreams

You rise up in coffee scent today
Birds floating outside the window
You look up and brew fantasy
Picturing thousand melodies

You almost feel it’s okay
Leaving a life drown in butterflies
Chill under your spine
The feel of losing and pain

The smile, carved along your shattered heart
Used to be so clear
The melody of rain
Used to make you dance

You memorize the kiss
The feel of being wrapped in somebody’s arm
You’re almost there
Lost in poisons and drugs

That’s how you dance now
Whatever makes you smile
You forget it long ago
Chill under your spine
Your lost and your pain

It’s okay
Keep dreaming
Keep painting memories

One day
You will rise in flower scent
Knowing you have more canvases to paint

Then life will catch you back
And dreams will start to fade
Behind the word you say that day

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