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Senemu 2.0

Senemu is a coffeeshop based in Dago, Bandung. After 2 years opening their coffee, tea, and toast specialties shop, they finally expand to a new place. Then to mark the occasion, they also opening a new website which hopefully will put a summary on everything happening inside the shop. From day to day brewery, to a weekly writing rendevouz, to bi-weekly talkshow & workshops. The shop has not only becoming a place where people go to sip a drink or two, but also a place to hang and have a calming re-charge.

I build the web with simplicity in mind. Since the shop has already brimmed with colors and character, I figure the web only need as few as possible touch to make it whole. It was consist of the coffeeshop’s menu, a journal for the workshop & writing circle, and a gallery to feature all of the artworks displaying on their wall. Other than the web, I also do a little drawing for Senemu Writer’s Circle icon to display in the journal’s section.