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sarindo, i hope we’ll never meet again!

my relationship with sarindo is like an old-fashioned story-book. on/off before marriage. Only in my case with Sarindo, I wish it to be off for good :p

Yea as I mention before, my iphone has been wrecked twice. First only 4days after she came outta the store. I try to take a pic but the camera just freeze & never cameback. Papadino brought it to Sarindo (my first date & argument with sarindo apparently). 2 weeks later she got off good & all set. thank God.

Bu~t, then just about 1 week & a half later, she start acting up again. This time, she shows black spots everywhere. And her screen starts to shake, like in discolight. Papadino had to take her to Sarindo again (2nd, hopefully the last ^^). Aaand almost 1month and so later, she’s back. All new! yaay!

Apparently, they hear what Papadino said and decided to give me a new phone. Well, I think it is wise since the first has already messed up twice. All with awful problem. So thanks, Sarindo. Err…though it will be much much better if Telkomsel would kindly replace my 2months wasted net-connection etc. yeah, i guess its too much to ask of ’em..haha.
Anyway, good to have my phone back. Its almost a month since I got her back, now I’m ready for bussiness! yipee 😀

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