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A little gift from the little house

Slightly Lighter Action for Photoshop

Hello Library! This time I’m going to add something you’re not normally have :p Seriously..I don’t do much photography, not even when I establish a blog. Which chubs says better looking photo will def make my blog looks nicer. True..but surely cost a lot of work. Especially since the only thing closer to camera I do possessed is my phone. Anyway, I give it a shoot…using Photoshop! Normally I only…

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MaY Project Summary

As I mentioned before, I was having a giveaway project called MaY Project. Short for Me & You. I’m so grateful that the event went successfully well! I get to meet new friends, get in touch with my best of best friends and overall..I’m happy that you join this project with me. The only thing making me nervous is when the gifts are on their way to your place. Can’t…

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MaY Project

Hello! MaY is ending but our MaY project now ready on set! As we mentioned before, MaY is short for Me and You. A small surprise project made exclusively for first 100 friends who have joined our living room for this past year. Rena and her charas are so~ happy to have you here 🙂 MaY Project begins on May with Rena start cutting her first gift material, which is Doris pouch. The project involving a…

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Social Icons Set

I lo~ve icons! When I’m designing my website I went through many many free icon set on the web. There’s bunch I love, specially when it comes to cute icons. So~ much great designers out there! Sadly, there’s not many icons truly gave me what I need. Sometimes they includes my favorite social networks but lack of few that I really need. Sometimes they do includes all networks I need, but the design is too basic.

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Cupcakes Iphone Wallpaper

Hello! I’m in love with chevron and pink! Basically I don’t like pink…but this vintage season kinda make me wanna hug the color :p. Throw in a glimpse of brown…and here we are, a wallpaper freebie for your iPhone! I made the patterns smaller but with high-resolution so you can adjust it to your liking. Enjoy, and happy December 🙂 ❀ buy products @ society6

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LHOR Mixtape: Our Vanilla Sky ♫

Hello…Back in 2010 I created some mix to accompany me during the swings. Mostly songs I found on Papadino’s list :p. Then I fallin love to Landon Pigg’s “Falling in Love At The Coffee Shop,” what a sweet sweet song~. So I add it to the mix. This compilation is like magical potion for a bad day. It’s always get me through the day feeling everything’s gonna be okay ♥.…

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