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Vintage Frame for Dhecil

Dhecil is my best friend, and she’s getting married last January. Months before, she made it clear that four of us should come no matter what. So we planned things ahead. But only after few days before her wed, she asked me to designed a frame for her wedding souvenir…Wha??!

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Owl Pendant

I don’t know when do I start loving Owl so much…maybe since it’s so easy to make other than any other animals out there, has a certain old-retro-vintage ambiance on it too. And just like Rabbit, Owl can be easily transform into such an old mysterious magical creature, vintage icon, then easily flip to cutie-pie character *tee-hee*

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Project: Yard & Yarn

Hello again, sorry for not posting for long. Been brewing something in our yard!
This time, we’re having a collaboration with Nyanya of The Babybirds. As we share identical interest in crafting goods, our love for cozy chat and we both does have kids to care..we join in what we call Yard & Yarn, a collective project.

Our new baby can be visit at And our #1 project will run this Sunday. Specially dedicated to The Mystery inc. and Addams Family, welcoming the glorius Halloween Night. Hello, October! So let’s join our Sunday DIY Bash, a trick or knit workshop for kids. This Sunday @ The Birdiehouse ☀
Since we both love to chat, you can kindly email us at for further info & registration 🙂

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Cendekia Muda Assembly Merchandise

Following end of 2012 school-year, lotsa school in my neighborhood are preparing their final assembly. With only 2 months left on the row, I imagine how much hard works they throw into. I was there once, so I’m telling you..hectic is the new hip :p Anyway, one of well-known private school in my area also welcoming their big assembly. Following the big event, their committee asked me to make an illustration for its merchandise. Cendekia…

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