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Food Watercolour Workshop bersama Nyalse & Kaharsa

Sabtu (18/11), Kaharsa bersama Nyalse Project mengadakan workshop watercolour painting bertema Food Watercolour. Senang banget deh waktu lihat teaser-nya tayang di feed instagram, soalnya sudah lama pengen belajar pakai cat air tapi ngga pernah kesampaian. Workshop diselenggarakan di Kopi Bon, Jl. Pahlawan. Selain watercolor, Kaharsa juga mengadakan workshop bareng Savon di waktu yang sama. Bisa dibayangin kan serunya Kopi Bon sore itu. Dua meja besar didaulat jadi area workshop. Kami kebagian…

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Illustrations for the 31st

It’s been a while since I post my drawing. But on this October 31st, I would like to post my consecutive Halloween theme drawings, the one I made since last year. The main theme here is the demon. More detail in the caption below. As to how I came to this theme, well…mostly because I realize we all have our own demons while struggling to keep ourselves safe from the demon…

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Venus to Mars

I’m currently writing several books on my spare-time. Two compilation books about love, consist of short-rhymes and whatnot. One fiction book, another one semi-fiction, and some children story-books waiting to be illustrated. So many things to do! I am excited yet afraid I will not make it in time. Anyway, this one is a short writing I illustrated from my “Letters to Mars” compilation. A book of compiled letters to…

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Senemu 2.0

Senemu is a coffeeshop based in Dago, Bandung. After 2 years opening their coffee, tea, and toast specialties shop, they finally expand to a new place. Then to mark the occasion, they also opening a new website which hopefully will put a summary on everything happening inside the shop. From day to day brewery, to a weekly writing rendevouz, to bi-weekly talkshow & workshops. The shop has not only becoming…

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Siska Knoch Blog

It was one hot-dry day in Bandung when Chika text me asking if I can pimp her blog (I like the way she calls it: Pimp her blog!). It was almost Ramadhan so I said I can’t promise to finish it as soon, but she said it’s okay. So there goes my next web project!

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Dirgahayu Indonesia

Mana yang paling diingat kalau 17-an? Upacara, lomba, panggung hiburan, atau sejarahnya? 😉  

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Eid Mubarak, minna!

Eid Illustration

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Tribute to R.A. Kartini

Kepada perempuan yang berpikir jauh ke depan. Perempuan yang mengabadikan namanya dalam setiap langkah maju perempuan-perempuan lain di Indonesia, bahkan hingga berpuluh tahun kemudian. Kepada ia yang menolak kungkungan zaman, yang tak henti belajar & mengajar. Ia yang bergelar Raden Ajeng namun menolak dipanggil bangsawan. Kartini, begitulah ia menyebut dirinya. Seperti kita memanggilnya hingga kini.

Selamat Hari Kartini, 21 April 2015 🙂

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