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Renasew Mini Pouch

I have this cosy key-case that lasted for three solid years before finally ran out its course. One day, it just ripped so bad I have to throw it away. Since I can’t let the key wander my purse unsupervised, I figure I can make a temporary pouch just to keep my key intact. Only until I get better one 🙂

For this mini pouch slash key-case, I am using waterproof fabric and faux suede I found laying around my fabric stack completely untouched.. Oh, how abandon they must’ve felt! Sorry, fabric..

Other than those fabrics, I insert interfacing between the two, canvas lining and add magnetic snap for closure but the option is limitless. Here’s the detail:


Pattern & Tutorial in EnglishPola & Tutorial Bahasa Indonesia

1. Gather your materials:
a. Interfacing
b. Canvas fabric for lining
c. Faux-suede for pouch’s flap
d. Fancy fabric of your choosing for the outer side
e. 1 set of magnetic snap (usually consist of four parts: ball-side with prongs, socket with prongs and two flat rings that fit over the prongs)

2. Stack fabric c & d with right-side facing each other, make sure they line properly on one side. Then sew straight-line as you see in the picture

3. This is how it looks after we sew them together, now turn in back so the wrong side facing up

4. Lay the excess fabric flat and sew it down, so it won’t get ugly once the pouch is done

5. Measure where you wanna put the snap on your main fabric (d), then mark it with sewing pencil. Alternatively, you can also press the snap’s prongs firmly onto the fabric. Press hard enough so it leaves indentation marks. Now before the indentation marks disappear, highlight them using sewing pencil. Make another mark for the lining fabric (b). Check your mark by folding the fabric into finished pouch’s shape, if the marks meet each other then you’re good to go

6. Using seam ripper, slit the fabric along indentation marks, making two thin openings

7. Insert the prongs through each openings from the front to the back. Since my fabric is rather thin, I add a layer of interfacing just to keep it intact. But if your fabric is sturdy enough such as canvas, you won’t need extra layer. When the prongs are fully out on the other side of the fabric, attach snap’s flat rings then fold the prongs down with your thumb. Redo the step with remaining snap

8. Now our snaps are nicely attached!

9. Stack whole three fabric according to the pic. Both canvas and main fabric’s right-side facing each other

10. Slip-on a folded ribbon between canvas and main fabric, I am using gross-grain ribbon here

11. Sew along the outer edge of the pouch, leaving about 2.75 inches opening so you can easily turn the fabric inside-out when you’re done. Trim excess fabric with pinking shears scissors to prevent fabrics from fraying

12. Turn your pouch right-side out using the opening from step (11)

13. Now we’re almost done! Sew the seam opening close by folding it inside the wrong-side of the pouch, then iron to keep it folded in. Alternatively, you can sew it together in step (14), just remember to fold it in and iron it flat

14. Fold the pouch into shape, then sew along the dotted line as in picture above. If you choose to let the opening in step (13), here is when you close it by sewing it along with another part of the pouch

15. Done! I add extra ring to hold my keys, but you can add more depending on your need. Thank you for keeping up, happy sewing!

1. Bahan:
a. Kain keras (interfacing). Untuk mini-pouch ini saya pakai staplek
b. Kain kanvas untuk lapisan dalam (lining)
c. Faux-suede untuk lidah pouch
d. Kain motif untuk bagian luar (saya pakai kain waterproof)
e. 1 set magnetic snap model kait
Potong semua bahan mengikuti pola.

2. Satukan sisi bagus kain (c) & (d) sehingga kedua sisi jeleknya menghadap luar, lalu jahit lurus dari ujung ke ujung.

3. Setelah dijahit, ketika dibalik kedua kain tadi akan menyatu seperti ini

4. Balik lagi kain, lalu jahit masing-masing kampuh agar menempel ke sisi dalam kain. Tujuannya supaya sambungan kain jadi flat

5. Ukur dan beri tanda di bagian tengah kain motif (d) dan kanvas (b) untuk memasukkan kait magnetic snap. Magnetic snap saya kaitnya 2, jadi saya membuat dua titik dengan pensil jahit untuk menandai tempat kait. Cara lainnya, tempelkan magnetic snap ke atas kain dan tekan sampai muncul lekukan di kain. Tandai dengan pensil jahit persis di lekukan tadi. Periksa ulang dengan cara melipat kain mengikuti bentuk jadi pouch. Kalau tanda di kain motif sudah menempel/menyatu dengan tanda di kain kanvas, berarti posisinya sudah pas

6. Buat lubang persis di tanda pensil tadi menggunakan pendedel

7. Selipkan kedua kait magnetic snap ke dalam lubang sampai tembus. Balik kain, lalu tempelkan penutup/bagian belakang snap sampai rapat. Setelah itu, tekan kait sampai bengkok ke bawah seperti di gambar. Di sini saya menambahkan kain keras supaya magnetic snap tidak gampang bergeser. Tapi kalau kain yang dipakai cukup tebal seperti kanvas, tidak perlu menambah kain keras

8. Ini contoh magnetic snap yang sudah dipasang

9. Tumpuk ketiga kain dengan urutan seperti di gambar, sisi bagus kain kanvas dan kain motif saling berhadapan

10. Kalau mau, tambahkan pita di salah satu sisi kain. Sisipkan dengan jarak +/- 1,5 cm dari sambungan lidah

11. Jahit seluruh pinggiran kain dengan jarak 1 cm dari tepi kain, sisakan bagian samping sekitar 7 cm untuk membalik kain. Gunting tepiannya dengan gunting zigzag supaya kain tidak gampang terurai

12. Balik kain sehingga sisi bagusnya menghadap luar

13. Ini dia pouch setengah jadi, setelah kain dibalik. Tutup sisi yang terbuka dengan cara melipatnya ke dalam, lalu setrika atau tahan dengan pin jahit

14. Lipat pouch seperti di gambar, lalu jahit seluruh sisinya mengikuti garis putus-putus

15. Jadi deh! Berikutnya tinggal menyelipkan ring untuk menggantung kunci mobil kesayangan

What I like about this simple pouch is you can play and tweak the design as you like. Add pocket inside or tiny velcro to keep your earphone cable attached, then voila! You have your music-mate. Enlarge the pattern size and you have a clutch. It’s like basic item in pouch/purse universe! As this pouch goes, I am very happy with the result. The waterproof fabric has nice bright pattern and it’s simple enough to carry around with me. Maybe I’ll stick to this pouch a little longer before buying the real deal. My key will definitely love it!


  1. rena
    rena July 14, 2017

    Waktu itu Ai nanya kalau mau ditambah tempat kartu bagaimana. Nah siapa tahu nanti ada yang perlu lagi, ini caranya :

    tutorial menambah tempat kartu

  2. geLintang
    geLintang November 22, 2016

    suka sama design kain yang dipake untuk tutorial ini,, jahitannya rapi banget pula

    • rena
      rena November 27, 2016

      Waa, terima kasih geLintang :*
      yuk bikin juga 😀

  3. Wadiyo
    Wadiyo October 8, 2016

    Foto-fotonya keren Mbak.
    dijual apa gak itu produk ya ?
    terima kasih dan salam kenal

    • rena
      rena October 13, 2016

      Haloo, salam kenal 🙂
      Waaa, terima kasih! Pouch-nya proyek iseng aja, kebetulan belum dijual.. kalau ada waktu pengen coba buat yang lebih oke 🙂

  4. zata ligouw
    zata ligouw September 14, 2016

    ahhh sukaaa…, pengen bikin juga ah, kebetulan lagi punya banyak kain nganggung di rumah. Makasih yaa tutorialnya Angieee…

    • rena
      rena September 15, 2016

      Sama-sama~ 🙂
      Ayo bikin Zataa, ih pasti keren deh bikinan Zata <3

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