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Remi the Dream Rabbit

I actually write this few years back to get Anipchan to sleep. He likes it so much then, ask me to read it every night. Now he’s grown, but Remi can still be around! So I draw him a little. Although my drawing isn’t that good, I hope Remi’s friendly & playful character gets to show well 🙂

I know it’s still raw, lots of improvement needed. I will continue to learn, and continue to share..hope you like it.  Better image quality coming soon, still juggling to make it available for read online. Meanwhile, I share .pdf version below 🙂

Oh I forgot, Remi the Dream Rabbit is one of Hello-chara Series. An introduction to chara living inside Little House of Rena. The series are telling about who the chara is, where does he lives etc. As for Remi, though he is not in my About page, is my first story book he is special indeed. Again, hope you like it 🙂

“Remi is a dream bunny. But he prefer to call himself Remi the Dream Rabbit. He lives within a world that can be seen through a dream mirror. Remi lo~ves to play! But he is not bad, he likes to comfort kids who are afraid to sleep. This time, Remi meet his new friend from the human world….”