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Reading Lights’s Last Day

Yesterday I read on Facebook that Reading Lights, the place where I found my writing haven among the best of friends, is closing for good. I remember my first time there when the barista told me to just went backyard where Reading Lights Writers Circle used to run their writing weekend. I was so nervous! But when I saw everyone’s faces, write my stories and read it to them, my fear is gone. I feel like I am part of the circle already. And they took me in almost as immediately. I feel like I’m home that day, and for every Saturday since.

img via reading lights fb page

Sure, at one time people just stop showing. I think life is taking over, so is mine. There is this Saturday when I walk past the bar and found nobody backyard. Those are sad moments that unfortunately keep happening until one Saturday everyone just stop coming altogether. But no matter how many times I pass the bookstore without stopping by, Reading Lights’s red sign will always warm my heart. So when they announced their last day, my heart breaks.

Last night, Nia posted an invitation to write for the last time as RLWC’s family. So this afternoon I insist I should go, no excuse. First I saw Rizal, then Andika, then I met the ever cute Pongpong, Anggalia’s daughter. By the way, this time I met two friends I never seen before, former member of the circle. As our last writing venture, Andika brought us to our own life journey. We took a paper with one keyword written on it, then write past experience related to the keyword. After reading, we then post that story on the timeline based on its emotion (frown/smile). I got “rindu” where I wrote about my longing for RLWC active days, “kecewa” in which I wrote about my disappointment when I found out the N in YOSAN was all fictive (I put it under 2006). My last word was “menemukan,” I decided to write about when I found an egg with two yolks in 2010. Hanif writes too! Others wrote nice stories. I think I’ll remember them by heart so I don’t have to clutter this with all that fascinating tales 🙂

img via Martina Zahirsyah

Anyway, it’s so~ sad that everything good in life is disappearing one by one. I lost my haven this August. Haven’t yet found another, but I’m sure I will. Thank you Reading Lights, for sharing your warm at one phase of my life. You are gone, but the memories I had with you will linger still.

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