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Rachel Getting Married


I’ve passed this movie so many times at the store. never had an interest to it even though Anne Hathaway is one of my favorite actress since The Princess Diaries. well, read the synopsis once and i think it’s just some another boring movie…until one day a friend of mine who share the same taste with me says “well… ‘Yes Man’ is a good movie, but the one that really stays in mind is ‘Rachel Getting Maried’.” and that says it.  rush to my favorite store, grab the nearest one and keep it in my bag for almost a week before i eventually watch it.  

my first impression is that Rachel Getting Married is a movie about reality. There goes the scene where Kym (Anne Hathaway)  -who’s apparently the main role here, not Rachel-  return back home for her sister’s wedding,  Rachel. then it’s gonna be just a common story if Kym wasn’t a rehab-ally. it seems that she has been in and out of rehab for the past 10 years for drugs problem, but her major issue is her self-oriented attitude. and that’s definitely a no no when the one should be getting all the attention is your sister. so here’s where everything starts. Kym try to get along with her long-time-no-see family while her family tries to accept her as the way she is.  but that’s not all.  as the story walk you’ll see there’s a deeper fact bring them to rise such a family-breakout.

i think Rachel Getting Married is a beautiful movie. aside from the warm athmosphere gain from it’s picture taking technic, their lovely and romantically written songs, the ground-breaking dialogue, and how they manage to put each characters into a human being itself, Rachel Getting Married is definitely a nice story about one family who’s walking through a part of their life. it’s about a relationship that hard to manage but sweet as we sees it. each time  i saw it i burst my tears out, just like that.  the connection between family, no matter how much you want to put it aside, it always come back to a path where there’s actually love and need in one another’s.

my favorite tears-maker scene is when Kym share her story in an addict forum meeting, when she had a fight with Rachel and her mom, a scene where there’s a rehearsal to Rachel’s wedding and a family friend is giving his praise which mention Ethan and definitely when Sidney (the groom) sing Rachel a song at their wedding. overall i love how the wedding is held. the fun and the party is great. i almost wish to have my own wedding rewind

so my final word is to say that Rachel Getting Married is a movie about us. about everyone. it’s a story about life and a part of a lifetime. it’s a story that teach us about loving, about accepting, about being brave and face our own mistakes and fears. there’s no beggining and don’t even asking for an ending to this movie, coz as a life should be, it keeps moving…

anyway, Anne Hathaway got nominated for Oscar in this movie. and the other cast is making the characters so lively we almost see a real family portrait in this