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Owl Pendant

I don’t know when do I start loving Owl so much…maybe since it’s so easy to make other than  any other animals out there, has a certain old-retro-vintage ambiance on it too. And just like Rabbit, Owl can be easily transform into such an old mysterious magical creature, vintage icon, then easily flip to cutie-pie character *tee-hee*

Hence while my mind striving for something to make…I just go straight to this one. I always wanted a nice pendant for my clothing. Big enough as a statement but humble enough for my laid-back personality. Wood texture is perfect, and a vintage frame design would make it even better! So I designed this pendant, send it to my trusted workshop and have it done. Voila! I’m so happy with the result. Will add chained leather-ribbon to it when I had more time 🙂

Owl pendant

Owl pendant2

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    Kreditvergleich September 30, 2014 Reply


    Owl Pendant • Little House of Rena ♠ Library

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