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One-Night Shirt for Anipchan

Last month my sister in law booked us a family photo-session on the occasion of her graduation ceremony. She said the occasion is perfect and I can’t agree more, considering we did never took family photo with Papadino’s fam. She will wear grey kebaya for her graduation, so we’ll wear something in that colour range to match. grey and black is always my fav go-to colour so it’s not a problem for me. But Papadino and Anipchan were never shirt lover, they maybe keep like 4 shirts in their wardrobe tops! So it’s a bit challenging to find their matching clothes in just 3 days. Luckily, Papadino found his in H&M. Not so lucky, there’s no black shirt in Anipchan’s size in entire PVJ Mall. What a tween he is! Then I remember I have this black cotton fabric laying around somewhere within my fabric-stash. So I decided to sew him the shirt, one night before the photoshoot. Bad bad, rena! End up sleeping late and show up with lazy eyes on the photoshoot ^^

Nonetheless, it was so much worth it because Anipchan love the shirt. For a sewing mama like me, nothing beat his smile when he try it on and look himself in the mirror. Thank you, kiddo!

Kemeja Rusuh for Anipchan. No button because Anipchan prefer to wear it as an outer which I also adore 🙂