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Olivia Ong

Olivia Ong was born in Singapore, October 2nd 1985. Being only 20 when her album released in 1995, she’s the young charming jazz performer to dazzle the room with her angelic voice. She soon flew to Japan to improve her singing and do lotta performances there. She’s quite a bossanova girl and make a classic ‘L-O-V-E’ song even better than the old mixed version.

Aside than her beauty appearance, she did an amusing record in her album ‘A Girl Meets Bossanova 2’ . Not only she’s done a cute remix versions of  ‘How Insensitive’, ‘Kiss Me’, and all time-favorite ‘Fly Me to The Moon’,  She also sings Seiko Matsuda’s classic ‘Sweet Memories’, put a sweeter and lovely taste to it

About Sweet Memories, i always finds myself  fond to it. Her angelic voice and the lovely messages in the song however get to my mind just as simple as it is. The lyrics tells about a long-lost love that’s been buried so deep in memory, but however dig it way up to the surface just as she meet his eyes again. The memory was to sweet yet vulnerable so that she wants nothing but to keep it behind, although she wanted it so bad…

paste on some lyrics here…

Sweet Memories

natsukashii itamidawa (it’s a pain that lied in my memory)
zutto mae ni wasureteita (that I did not remember for a long time)
demo anata o mita toki (But when I saw you)
jikan dake atomodori shita no (the time just went backward)

“Shiawase?” to kikanaide (Don’t ask me, “happy?” )

uso o tsuku nowa jouzujanai (I am not good at telling a lie)

tomodachi nara irukedo (Although I have friends)
anna niwa moeagarenakute (I could not have that much passion)

ushinatta yume dakega
utsukushiku mieru nowa
naze kashira

(I wonder why the lost dreams just look beautiful)

sugisatta yasashisa mo ima wa
amai kioku

(sweet memories)

Sweet memories

Don’t kiss me baby we can never be
So don’t add more pain
Please don’t hurt me again
I have spent so many nights
Thinking of you longing for your touch
I have once loved you so much

anokoro wa wakasugite (We were too young back then)
itazura ni kizu tsukeatta futari (Two of us hurt each other without vain)
iro aseta kanashimi mo ima wa

tooi kioku
(The faded sadness is already a memory of long time ago)

sweet memories

huwaaa…bitter but lovely  T^T

Anyway here’s the complete songlist of her album:

1. So Nice // 2. Kiss of Life  // 3. Wave //  4. L-O-V-E  // 5. How Insensitive  // 6. One Note Samba  // 7. Make It Mutual  // 8. Driving  // 9. Fade Away  // 10. I’ll Move On  // 11. Kiss Me  // 12. Sweet Memories

I love almost all of her songs. But my 5 stars definitely go to

sweet memories  //  fade away   //  drivin  //  L-O-V-E  //  so nice

try to put your ears on them, close your eyes, have a bit of chocolate sip and relax…mmm….


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