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new york, i love you

– ★★✩✩✩

New York, I Love You is the second phase of anthology films dealing with cities & love between the people.  Strongly reflect their first phase, Paris Je t’aime, New York I Love You move a little bit slow though drive a wider range of citizen and life within it’s people. Film itself built of several stories/segments, each written by different writers as well as directed by different directors (Fatih Akin, Mira Nair, Natalie Portman, Shakher Kapur, Joel & Ethan Coen, etc.)

Aside it’s director, series been widely known for big stars performance. Just mention Natalie Portman, Elijah Wood, Steve Buschemi, Juliette Binoche, Nick Nolte, etc. in Paris Je t’aime. So when the series brought in New York, there’s no question there would be twice as much to mention. From Hayden Christensen to Burt Young, Eva Amuri to Shu Qi, almost all cast are already a star of it’s own. worth watching, no?

Too bad I’ve late on it’s show so I gotta skip the first story..or should I say, I dunno what’s the first story afterall *grin*. Ok so my first start when David, a young musicist (played nicely by Orlando Bloom), is making an agreement with a girl he used to talk by phone, Camille (Christina Ricci), whose demanding him to read a book in 5 days. David, however, been counting that it’s impossible for him to finish the book even if he’s not practicing his music. Just when David about to give up, Camille (who he never actualy met) shows up offering him to read the book for him while telling him a nice story about a writer and his wife. Am I not telling it right? well it means you gotta have to watch it yourself  :p

Following segments are nice, some rather slow and boring. But mostly stirred our mind to New Yorker’s life and atmosphere around it. Many are related to art or music and night life among the city. There’s a husband wandering the night in cigarettes to avoid dinner with his wife, a call girl seeks for life of her own, a young schoolboy and his prom date (my favorite twist-ending story), and many others. From this many story my favorite is a conversation between a woman and a man having cigarettes outside a restaurant. The woman, firstly ask for a light for her cigarette, then tease the man, challenge him to have a sex with stranger. Just when the man is about to teased, she surprisingly refuse and say : “Married man are always blind of what they have in their own bed. To them, strangers are sexier, more passionate. but I’m about to change that. I’m changing everything. Now I’m going back to that restaurant, I will be sitting in front of my husband, who’s gonna love his wife like never before.” Turns out they’re husband & wife!

There’s also segment about an old-couple walk in the city. Almost all of their time spent in argument but just when they reach a park and quietly standing, we can almost breeze by their feelings to each other. All sweet. The old revenue also filled in a hotel in which a singer retiree choose to stay. The 40th architecture’s building boldly hold European taste is her silence witness to her glamorous days and also a perfect place to  do one “thing”. But there’s also a young roomboy, Jacob (Shia Lebouf) who share her loneliness. One cold, sad story.

Anyway, I find New York I Love You a bit disappointing compared to it’s previous, Paris Je t’aime. All segments moving too flat, no jumping emotions, no climax, few twist, too many conversations….or is it already reflect how New Yorkers really live their life?  :p

Like Paris Je t’aime, New York I Love You linked all segments together in the end, and there’s only one thing to link them all, a woman named Zoe (Emilie Ohana) with videocam who kinda move around the city and often put her videocam unattended inside a coffeshop to record all things happen in New York.

Finally, don’t rush to follow my judgement. As I always mention, it’s only my immature opinion among things I found interesting….afterall, New York I Love You is still a good choice to spend Saturday Night with your love one  🙂

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