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naik lift

me, anipchan & papadino is a free family. we spend our days at different places or sometimes at our minimalistic house. but anipchan spend most of his days at my parents house which is not so far away.

so it can be said anipchan is quite close to my parents. He even ask his grandpa to clean for him or making him some milk, which my dad never did to his own children..but anip the boss will always win his heart :p

anyway, there’s another thing he loves the most. that is playing elevator (he calls it ‘naik lift’) with his grandpa. no, of course we dont have any elevator in our single-story house. actually, how they play it is by laying in my parents bed pretending to lift up and down (my dad would lift anipchan up close to bed’s head then down under..but since anipchan’s growing older & my dad’s growing weaker, he never did it anymore). while taking the elevator, my dad & sometimes together with mom would tell anipchan stories or simply sharing anip’s story. my dad would pretend to be the elevator’s operator and ask anipchan things, then anipchan would answer with funny faces, my dad then starts telling story while imitating animals or oldman’s voice (which anip love the most). the elevator will then ride up to the sky then down to the ground until the story’s finished. When its done, usually anipchan would fall asleep in a smiling face.

he still ask for it now. i guess we would love to remember how his grandparents love him, and how anipchan love them back. you know, anipchan is a very humble and caring kid. although he spend most of his time playing wushu (like wushuing entire family *grin*), he never had any cruel intention or planned evil in his mind. He loves to help people and sorry when he’s wrong. And the way he loves his grandparents is by getting exited to everything his grandparents teach/give him, always seems happy by what they offer him and cheer them up when they sad. and yes yes yes hundreds more. I think his presence here in my parents house does give this house a little spark. an absolute smile. we love him. i love him 🙂

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