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My Thought on the Eleventh

“10 years…no, 11 years ago…we were so buried in love like lovebirds on the wedding house’s roof. Wherever he is, there I will be. Whatever he do, he’ll never do it without me. Like anything is possible, like being mature is just words crafted by society to prevent us from flying. Of course we know nothing about marriage, or life following it.

Nobody said that it would be hard and rocky, though I doubt we’ll listen anyway. We were so eager to be around each other’s arm everyday, every minute, every second. Like world suddenly lose its meaning without each other. I remember how I wrapped his birthday gift carefully. Same gift I was preparing almost a year ahead. How I always had the passion and the excitement to do it. I also remember his smile and his willingness to drop everything aside when I need him, which could happen all the time. How he had such sincerity towards me. Remember all the talk about living together, growing up side by side, and lovingly love each night…
Those thought that brought us into the life we are today. Of course there has been regrets this past years, as we realize living together may not be just among us two at all. Of course there has been such rocky rolling roads along our way, sometimes I don’t even know how do we able to get here to 11 years. Sometimes it was so messy that we feel broken everywhere. But there are times when love slip in and present us the most genuine smile we had. He would say why bother thinking, just move forward and forget about the rest. To which I said life cannot be living only forward, because exactly by looking back to where we start do I manage to stand strong and love him still. Of course we are moving forward, and we hope ’til next decades to come.”

I sent him this notes earlier today. I doubt he’ll understand my words. His brain always seems to reject any difficult writings, as if it’s been forced to do triple work-out without meals. He only read straight line and simple words.

But hey, he said he read it, say thank you and kiss me (virtually) anyway ^^
God knows if he really mind my writings.