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my sweet little apple, whatever happens to you?

Good morning October!

As I open my eyes, I look at you with smile..(and with the urge to check whats on twitter if my finger aint just flirting with instagram)..Oh how silly I am ^^. But I guess not as silly as my phone when it suddenly burst out crazy and spread this creepy-looking black stains all-over her screen! Hwaa…I’ve never seen something like that, tho’ I still believe she will be just fine and get back to her best performance soon.

Well…at least it was before the stains transform into disco-light where the screen keep shaking as if there is an appsquake, then half of the screen went absolutely black. At that point, I begin to worry. Rea~lly worry 🙁

So I browse any possible solution, try restoring the phone, downgrading firmware and stuff I can think of. Nothing works. Not even Mr.Google able to find similar problem. Then I worry just more…Afterall, this is already second problems I got since I bought this Iphone4 last August. The first occurred just 3 days after I bought her. You know, my first and only reason why I’m buying this Apple’s stylish is its camera. I would’ve stick to my 3gs if the I4 doesnt feature those awe Retina display & HD. So when my new I4 freeze everytime I open any camera apps, I go insane. I brought it to SARINDO hoping I can get a new one. About 10 days later they gave it back, still the same phone only fixed. Papadino said we had to ask for a new phone because it’s a possibility that this phone will break again. We didnt, because I think its already good enough I got my phone back. I dont wanna wait another weeks without phone. It was almost end of the month so my data plan was also out. I’m disappointed but its fine because the camera turns out wonderful.

And now, only less than 3 weeks after the camera freeze problem, my phone only get worse. I mean, with the camera freeze problem, there were people reporting same issues. But there’s nothing on this one. Even the guy at Emax stare at her amazingly, point out that we should really ask for exchange in case it’s factory error. I listened. So Papadino brought it back to SARINDO this Monday, insisting we want a new phone because there’s no guarantee this one will stop acting up. Its already 4 days and I keep questioning whether I’ll get a brand new or the same phone with possible issues later on. I have no choice but to get a bit angry if thats the case. I’ve bought it 2 months ago, only got to use it for 3 weeks at most, losing 2 months of my SIMPATI dataplan. Losing more if my social activities included. Do I have the right to be upset ? I guess I do.

A little step side from my problem, I dont wanna be disappointed by Apple because we all know Apple products are good. I never have any problem with my 3gs or Ipod so did Papadino never had any problem with his Mac or I4. So I guess its just bad luck…Furthermore, having one or more products by the infamous Steve Jobs is like having his thought and inspiration close to my daily. As if he never gone. I cant imagine living in the world without his creations. Without GUI. Our world would be just plain black & white. So uncle Steve, I’ll stick to my love for Apple. The way I’d stick to your most inspired quote: “Life is short, don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

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