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my new addiction, this is not another narcist pic of anip-chan (well okay, part-of :p). I posted this because I’m so much in love with this toddler biscuit! I even wonder why didn’t I steal any of this when anip-chan was a regular ^^’ I used to thought every toddler/baby’s food will taste as “yuck.” but this one comes out with a “yumm” haha…sowwy kiddo, mommy’s gotta have to keep them alone :p

Aite, I can’t keep my mouth from munching it….actually it’s more like a cookie than a biscuit. They sound “kress….” once you bite them & anip-chan said it’s a bit too hard for his teeth. So maybe I’ll dip it into milk for him later. Anyway, enough talking..more and more munchies!

For you who adore snacks, this one is absolute pleasure. No MSG, no additional sugar, healthy as hell & at the same time,  cheesefully yummy. Call me overpraised but this is really worth a try  *kres..kress..kresss…*

Find Milna Toddler Biscuit in Cheese Flavor now (IDR 8600) ^.*

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