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my milk toof: a cute little world

Wow, look how long have I let you with your own thought already? hihi. Always miss the “tik-tak-tik” sound of my keyboard while writing for you. Meanwhile, there’s so many things I’ve shared. Yeah sure most of ’em are useless, boowwriiing *yawn*, and maybe annoying too :p. Bu~t, it will be unfair to not mention this aww-some jellyfish-in-the-jar! woops, did I said jellyfish??? Ow no, I meant cutie-tooth in In Hae’s amazing world

I mention her blog once in my “fun sites..” post. Turns out My Milk Toof is an always fun site. It’s not just a blog, or just a story. In Hae share her cute funny story of her created character -the two tooths named Lardee (silly-chubby one) & Ickle (smart-protective one) who knocked on her door after she put it under her pillow several years before-.  Here’s the catch, her story is always cute, taken with scene per scene photographs so even without reading the (minimalistic) dialogue, we already get what she’s trying to tell.

She begin her project as a side project, at first meant to be just photoshoots galore, but taking advise from her boyfriend (who work as a storyline artist in Pixar) to add personality & story to the character as well, reaching hundreds of fans during Ickle first journey and thousands more when Lardee join in.

Her story is always fun, refreshing and bright. Suitable for all-age ( thinking ’bout adopting My Milk Toof story-book when it’s launch next year for anipchan 🙂 ) & always had this colorful, neat visual. I dont know why but I kept thinking ’bout Korea when looking at her house (settings) hehe. In Hae herself came from Korea to America at the age of 16, studied at the California Institute of the Arts and École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, always had a thing for beauty & creativity. She has already released home-made limited edition photobook which obviously sold-out just days after, few prints & other merchandise.  A ll sold-out. Well who can blame ’em? I would want a copy myself

Alright, silly-me! Stop talking “..yada yada yada..” just throw the sneak-peek already!

“Aww, Planty looks sad”
“Be Right Back”

“Okay Planty, here’s Lardee’s prescription for feeling down…”
“A warm milk tea with lots of sugar, just the way Lardee like.”
“A warm snuggle with Lardee’s soft blanket.”
“And three:”
“Fa-la-la-la-la-la… Lardee sings for you.”
“Feel better, Planty.”

In Hae’s Interview ♥ ♥ ♥ My Milk Toof  is on Facebook

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