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my guilty pleasure

Hello again…

First, i’m not much of a fanatic, nor a hater. I love many different things, some odd some typical.  Maybe i’m just quite a lover. anything fits my mood…

Being a woman, i love watching romantic dramas, especially when it fills with cute super-goodlooking casts :p. When i was a kid, my mom introduced me to some Latino soap opera such as Maria Mercedes to Paulina (anyone ever heard of them?), from The White Snake Legend to Return of The Condor Heroes (soap opera, no?). So i’m pretty well used to long series full of dramatic intrigues, bizarre love triangle and so on…As time goes, i kinda hold back. Most of the time i spent by watching Hollywood movies, cartoons, animes and other stuff. Mostly i keep myself away from so called typical-housewives-entertainment. That is, until i get to watch Friends, a short dorama starring Kyoko Fukada & Won bin. Then i realize so many cute, comedic story out there. No useless scenes, excessive  tears, and another mambo-jumbo things going on our sinetron. At least they don’t mess with the script to make the show last longer and trashy. 

After that, i find myself enjoy GTO, Beach Boys, Tokyo Love Story, Love Generation, and so and so…Right, they’re all 90s. Like i said, i’m not a big fan. Later when Korean dorama start booming in Indonesia, i already finished watching My Sassy Girl and another K-movies. So its not hard to get used to it. My first K-dorama was Full House, then Jewel in The Palace, continued with Princess Hours and BBF. No, i’m not watching Coffee Prince, Queen Seon-deok or any other popular dramas although i would love to watch My Fair Lady or else. Plus, i tend to prevent watching sad story. I had this thought that we oughta had some fun watching tv, not otherwise, is it? Same thing doesn’t apply for movie though :p. What i love about K-dorama is they’re so expressive, the story mostly include comedic scenes, overall the wardrobe as well as settings are always appealing to the eyes. Even the sad story has a slight funny/cute scene. This is a bit different from J-dorama where it’s usually rigid, less expressive but with strong script, in J-dorama, any story is possible. That’s why i love them.

As i enjoy watching K-dorama, lately i had a secret crush over this two actress/actor. i love them since i watched their act in BBF and Baby and I. The girl, dare i say indescribably beautiful, very cute while the boy, well…absolute cuteness :p. They took my heart the moment i saw them. And guess what? i found out recently they’ve won 2010’s best looking actress/actor via internet. Goo Hye Sun is a multi(and i said MULTI)-talented actress/illustrator/singer/composer/director/writer/model/musician who happened to be very good-looking with a descent personality, now turns 25 is a single who wanna get married rather than spending times to an endless dating-sphere. She has already won a prize for her directional debut on a short movie called Delightful Assistant (Jolly Helper); a prize for her role in BBF just after she launched her first novel and soon to be release her own art exhibition as well as a self-composed music album. I read in an article she used to win in art competitions when she’s in middle-highschool, and her music hits the chart pretty well. I must admit i get surprise at how many things she can actually do (and being good at).  So girls, maybe you wanna start questioning the equity of life: God is unfair in creating such perfectness :p. Her fans called her “Flour-doll” for her flawless white skin, and i simply agree (but i’d rather go with porcelain maybe? ^^).

Aite, enuff with the girl. The boy, however, share the same crown…flawless in appearance, cute like a child despite he’s turning 23 this year, Jang Geun Suk is an actor/model/singer. Getting famous for his role in a successful movie Baby and I when he had to play a highschool boy who has to care for a baby on his own. His cute face make him get more attention especially from lured fans within Asia. And yes, i like him for his supercute face, and yes yes i adore cuteness rather than handsome, machoismo fellas out there ^^

Okay, there they are, my guilty pleasure. Haa…..watta relieve! Right, see you i’m gonna get busy hiding under my bed  *shy

  1. julia
    julia September 14, 2012 Reply

    samaaa…*emak-emak juga yg hobi nonton korea*
    salam nya keren sekaliii

    • rena
      rena September 16, 2012 Reply

      hihihi, demam koreanya ga kenal usia :p
      salam kenal juga eya, makasiyaa udah mampir2 kesini 🙂

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