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My Birthday Wishes!

Oh hello..this post just came out of nowhere. Actually a reminiscence of my old blog-walking habit :p. Today I just found out that Inhae Lee, the creative lady behind My Milk Toof series (Ah yes, she made Korea hot even before Su-ju hit the globe :p) will be launching her second book. Similar to the 1st, this one will also titled “My Milk Toof: The Adventures of Ickle and Lardee 2.” I always wanna have her book on my shelf, but never got a chance to do so. Looking at this second book kinda remind me of the first one, so I Google it. It appears that the first book now available in Indonesia via Periplus online with IDR 192k tag price. Lil’ expensive, but judging from lot of efforts Inhae must have gone to made it happened, I think it’s worth-it.

Since the second book will (according to her blog) available for sale this September 23rd, I think I’ll just wait for it to also available at Periplus. This way I can buy the whole bundle and stare at the teef passionately whenever I want *tee-hee*. But this is gambling! What if the first book suddenly shrink to none in few weeks before the second even arrived? Aah..this is insane. Anyway, my birthday is also coming on the way. Maybe I’ll just cheat on it by pre-order-ing my own birthday gift from chubs :p. He never like buying surprise gift anyway, saying he never knew what to buy haha. So..I don’t want no swag for birthday, just these two books in a bundle! Will love it to my bones! 🙂

If you never heard of Inhae or My Milk Toof, you should! I’ve also wrote about them in my earlier post few years back. Never stop loving them 🙂

1st Book available at Periplus

2nd Book available soon

Limited Book Self-Published by Inhae Lee. Sold-out!

My Milk Toof Behind the Scene: