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MaY Project


Hello! MaY is ending but our MaY project now ready on set! As we mentioned before, MaY is short for Me and You. A small surprise project made exclusively for first 100 friends who have joined our living room for this past year. Rena and her charas are so~ happy to have you here 🙂

MaY Project begins on May with Rena start cutting her first gift material, which is Doris pouch. The project involving a casual tailor usually called “tukang vermak,” a clothing company and Rena herself. Either way, all products presenting to you were made with full gratitude and happy thought. Hope you feel them too! All products were scheduled to finish by early August. Fortunately, they finished earlier!

So Rena will hand-away her gifts to everyone who has liked Little House of Rena Facebook Page. This event will be held thru July, 31st. Move over to LHOR’s Facebook here 🙂

Update: MaY-P event has finished with amazing report! Read all about it here

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