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MaY Project Summary

As I mentioned before, I was having a giveaway project called MaY Project. Short for Me & You. I’m so grateful that the event went successfully well! I get to meet new friends, get in touch with my best of best friends and overall..I’m happy that you join this project with me. The only thing making me nervous is when the gifts are on their way to your place. Can’t tell you how relieved I am when you let me know they arrived safely. Those are just few diy stuff I made. I know they’re not perfect but I hope you find it useful and happy to tag it along with you. Once again, thank you 🙂

So what’s inside the MaY Project surprise box?

Here's a peek!


Now we’re talking about fun…Hey look who’s gifts are on their way?

Thank you for joining the MaY Project, may God bless you all with joy as how I feel when I read this messages 🙂

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MaY project

Love you ❤


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