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marmer cake dadakan

This afternoon, we watched TV Champion about Japanese Love Cakes. Womans who made them are extremly talented, thus, make anip-chan wannabe like them 🙂

Just rite after the show, he rushed to the kitchen, gathered some flour bag, sugar, eggs and stuff. He even brings out his favorite cake molding tools. Omg…..He wanna bake a cake without even using a recipe! just like those amazing woman in TV Champion.

Took ages before he then agree to use some easy-making recipe. Marmer cake recipe. Then we start making them with him playing the Cook. I am, as the assistant, is nicely put everything into making hahaha. He mix all the ingredients using a mixer and pour the flour as well as the eggs. He’s getting good at making cakes! (^0^)/~

Taraaa…this is our simple marmercake!!! Sowwy for the bad pics. didn’t have better camera than my webcam now T^T


Spontaneous Marmer Cake

Ingredients :

150g Plain Flour

150g Butter

120g Sugar

3 eggs & 1 egg’s yolk

1tsp baking powder

1 tsp chocolate powder

vanilli & salt


150gr tepung terigu

150gr mentega

120gr gula pasir

3 btr telur utuh & sebutir kuning telur

1 sdt baking powder

1 sdt coklat bubuk atau pasta coklat

vanilli & garam

How :

1. Sift together the plain flour, baking powder, salt, vanilli in a large bowl.

2. In a different bowl, mix the butter & sugar ’till they’re fully blend & showing a pale color.

3. Add eggs one by one, lower the mixer’s speed. then pour the flour bit by bit. Mix well either with slow mixer or wooden spatula.

4. Separate an amount of batter and mix it with cocoa powder.

5. Pour the remaining batter into a baking tray which already covered with butter and flour. When you finished, pour the chocolate batter and stir it with fork or chopsticks to make marmer patterns.

6. Bake in low temperatue for about 30 minutes. Ready to serve.


1. Ayak tepung terigu bersama baking powder, garam dan vanilli

2. Di wadah lain, kocok mentega dan gula sampai berwarna pucat, lalu tambahkan telur satu demi satu. Kocok hingga sedikit mengembang

3. Masukkan bahan kering sedikit demi sedikit sambil mengecilkan kecepatan mixer. Sisanya boleh diaduk dengan sendok kayu.

4. Jika adonan sudah tercampur rata, pisahkan sebagian kecil adonan dan campur dengan bubuk coklat. Aduk rata.

5. Sisa adonan yang tidak dicampur coklat, tuang dalam loyang yang sudah dilapis mentega & terigu. Ratakan

6. Tuang adonan coklat, kemudian acak dengan garpu atau sumpit untuk membuat corak marmernya

7. Panggang dengan api kecil selama kurang lebih 30 menit. Siap disajikan dengan kopi 🙂


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